070 Shake Is Poised to Be Hip Hop’s Next Big Thing!070 Shake

The world of hip hop desperately needs more female energy. Save for reigning queen Nicki Minaj and buzzworthy upstart Young M.A., it’s a male-dominated genre that lacks a strong female perspective.  It seems 070 Shake is set to change that with her unique sound, her talented collective and some rumored high-profile co-signs.

On her passionate single, “Trust Nobody”, 070 Shake effortlessly weaves back and forth between Auto-Tuned crooning and aggressive rapping.  She glides over the rock-tinged trap beat with ease.  Her lyrics detail her individuality, strength and distrust of those around her. It’s a melancholy introduction but the fresh sound comfortably puts her in the company of other rappers of the moment like Travis Scott and Young Thug.

Her husky voice packs in an impressive amount of emotion and angst.  Her sound is contemporary—a faithful take on the sound of today’s hip hop radio.  But she’s no carbon copy.  She has a style all her own.

070 Shake might seem like an odd stage name, but the numbers communicate her membership to the rising 070 collective.  Hailing from New Jersey, 070 looks to be the next big group to conquer hip hop in the same vein as A$AP Mob.  Members PHI, Ether and J Sebastian are all local favorites. However, Shake is clearly setting the path towards being the group’s standout star.

Last April, without a debut album to boot, she was the face of a stark new campaign for popular streetwear brand, KITH.  It was the perfect showcase for her distinct tomboy style.  It was also an early recognition of her talent and appeal.

In late 2016, music blog Pigeons and Planes speculated that 070 Shake was the newest signee to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label.  The company created a Twitter account and followed its entire roster of artists.  Shake was the only non-G.O.O.D. Music signee that was followed by the account.  It seemed the successful, superstar label might be courting her and priming her for the big time.

Perhaps the biggest co-sign she’s received so far is from none other than West’s sister-in-law Kylie Jenner.  Jenner has gained a reputation for breaking some of your favorite songs via lip synching Snapchat videos.  070 Shake was one of the lucky artists to get a few spins in front of Jenner’s millions of fans.  If the rumored Kanye label deal and KITH campaign weren’t enough to indicate that she’s a star, this big-time promo was the unlock.

070 Shake’s limited discography is a testament to her contagious talent and knack for catchy songs.  She has amassed this level of buzz with less than 10 songs in her arsenal.  Songs like “Make It There” and “Bass for My Thoughts” showcase her sing song hooks melting over bass-heavy, mid-tempo trap instrumentals.  Though her offering is still small, it’s potent enough to get the industry’s attention.

As 2017 progresses, it seems 070 Shake will become one of hip hop’s biggest success stories.  With some major support in her corner, it’s only a matter of time before her songs are dominating your favorite radio station.