10 things artists could learn from YOUNG M.A!

TCA has had the pleasure to meet several times with Young MA and her management at the beginning of her career. After contacting her management team for a project, we met briefly in a Dallas hotel and talked about all the amazing things she was going to do in the industry. We listened to a couple of tracks that had yet to be released and knew automatically there was something there. Not only where we certain about her success, but they were just as confident.

After attending her show in Dallas, we caught back up with her at her sold out show in NY at Webster Hall. To our amazement, within a short period of time she was already selling out venues. (Keep in mind this was before her hit OOOUUU even dropped). It was certainly a site to see. People were yelling every single word to every single song from her mixtape Sleep Walkin, freestyles, and music she had done in the past. The feeling was amazing. After seeing her success rise so rapidly, we sat back and began to really observe. Never had this happen so quickly for an artist that didn’t quite fit the industry mold of a female artist.

Third time was a charm when we bumped into her again on the streets of Austin at SXSW. She was making her rounds and performing at multiple venues. (Still before the record OOOUUU) She certainly left her stamp on the festival and continued to push with dope visuals and songs until finally we were smacked with the viral success of OOOUUU.

After being able to watch her progress. We decided to enlighten artists to 10 things we feel they could learn from Young M.A.

  • Creating a brand: Everywhere you see Young M.A, there is certainly a plan behind the visuals. From the graphics, logos, and all of her videos everything is perfectly aligned.
  • Being authentic: Young M.A (Me Always) is what she was from the beginning. She continued to use her differences to highlight why she stood out as an artist. The pressure from the industry never affected the way she presented herself to the public despite the nonconformity in her clothes and lifestyle. She showed millions that you shouldn’t be afraid to be you.
  • Taking advantage of opportunity: From the moment we met her to where you see her today, it meant taking advantage of every opportunity no matter big or small that aligned with her plan. You see her so much because she wasn’t afraid to go after she wanted. Hunger will definitely maximize exposure, and she was devouring the opportunity to be noticed on all platforms.
  • Show and prove: Young M.A has done extraordinary numbers all while remaining independent. She didn’t rely on people to put her on. When it was time to sell out Webster hall, her team certainly made sure to show and prove the numbers legitimately.
  • Building a catalog: A lot of people would like to think that her career started with OOOUUU. But in fact, her mixtape and freestyles were doing major numbers. She also has had plenty of visuals to match the timeline of her music.
  • Knowing your worth: She went from opening up at SXSW (South by SouthWest) on the Fader stage to being the headliner. The vision was always clear and she remained steadfast to making her vision the reality.
  • Staying humble: She prides herself on wanting to not let the fame get to her head and remaining regular, which we all know she is far from. She stays busy and is on to the next while taking the proper steps to apologize and acknowledge the things that she has yet to learn from the journey to the top. She certainly has an agenda and remains focused while still taking a moment to pose with her fans.
  • Focusing on you first: She could have done a number of features, but she created a project on her own to establish her voice first. Most artists hop to do features, but she is certainly is taking her time and focusing on her first. She occasionally lends verses to the people from her team.
  • Staying consistent: She didn’t allow the success of OOOUUU to stop her from making records, as a matter of fact, she has already dropped a new freestyle and visuals that have gone viral. Who knows, by the time this it out we may have something new.
  • Surrounding yourself with a great team: Young M.A is very loyal to her team. She has certainly arrived with the same team that she started with. Loyalty is everything in the music industry, and she knows how to make sure everyone on her team is acknowledged and taken care of properly.

We can’t wait to see where she goes from here. But we will certainly be looking to see if this list grows longer in the years to come. Check out her latest video “GET THIS MONEY”