Silvana Imam transcends language!

Silvana Imam

We stumbled upon the talent of Silvana Imam while browsing the internet. We were instantly attracted to her visuals, but then became addicted to her music. Even though there was a language barrier, her message still resonated with us. We immediately went to Youtube and discovered that she had recently did an interview and freestyle on Sway in the morning. We were hooked, and it was there we learned that she did know English.

Immediately we took to our Instagram to invite her to perform at SXSW. What we didn’t expect, was her immediate response of “let’s do this”! She would later win huge at the Grammis in Sweden for the ‘Artist of the Year’ and become the headlining act our showcase.

There is something unique and special about the way Silvana delivers her performance. Each time she graces the stage the audience is in for a treat. Visually her performance is like watching live artwork. She knows how to command your attention in the most captivating fashion, but also deliver a message in a way that leaves you with something extremely valuable.

Although her music is not in English, you can still understand the feelings that translate through her passionate delivery.  In case that isn’t enough, most of her videos provide captions. (In my opinion it honestly allows you the opportunity to become more engaged and connected.)

Silvana Imam: Naturkraft
Silvana Imam: Naturkraft

Her latest project, Naturkraft, translated into “Force of Nature” is, in our opinion, one of the best projects of 2016. It is also accompanied by an amazing short film entitled, “Naturkraft (TheShortFilm)”.  It takes you through her struggles as being an immigrant and activist, but there are also moments of celebration. I think many can relate to the trials and tribulations in their own way, but it’s awesome to be allowed to understand what it’s like to be her for a moment. The production only adds to the emotion in each song, and she is accompanied by features that compliment her style perfectly.

Be sure to keep an eye out for what the RMH team has coming for 2017. From everything we have seen thus far, I know we are all in for something amazing!

Be sure to check out our exclusive SXSW interview with Silvana here: