TCA visits Sweden for “First Look” on Silvana Imam

Before we take you to Sweden, we must take you back to where it all began. In 2016, Silvana Imam headlined the official TCA stage at SXSW in Austin, Tx.  It was that performance that led us to take the journey across the seas to see her in her element for the release of her latest album, “Helig Moder”.

When we got to Sweden, we immediately had to rush from the airport straight to Gröna Lund after dealing with some major flight delays. As we were scrambling to set up to prepare for the interview, we see someone running up the stairs to greet us with open arms, Silvana Imam.

Her energy quickly filled the room, and after quickly catching up, everything began to settle, and we started discussing her thoughts on her latest project, her film, and what to expect from her this year.

After the interview, she invited us to stick around for her performance. We were amazed by what we got to see at SXSW, but we knew this was going to be a totally different experience. Her set included some guest amazing guest performances, and after briefly getting a glance at the set list we knew we were in for a treat.

We made our way back stage and settled into the perfect position to really capture the experience. We watched the crowd fill up to capacity patiently waiting for her to take the stage. The music started to play, and we saw Silvana come out of her dressing room with the mic and stand behind the curtain. As soon as she spoke, you could feel the energy of the crowd erupt, and it was in that moment that we realized this was going to be one of the best concerts we EVER experienced.

We watched her perform song, after song, after song, and the audience yelled back every word! For the first time in a while, we saw fans extremely engaged in the performance without holding up a cell phone and cherishing the moment of comradery with fellow concert goers. It was AMAZING, and something we never wanted to end. After an incredible finale where all the performers took the stage for the last time, we saw Silvana leave the stage. But, after a few seconds, we started to hear a mumble that started to turn into a huge chant of “IMAM, IMAM, IMAM”.

Without disappointment, Silvana came back out to the stage to give the crowd one last goodbye, and the crowd went crazy. Backstage, the emotional high continued as everyone congratulated Silvana on an amazing show. You can check our experience below!

If you EVER get the opportunity to check out a show from Silvana Imam, don’t miss your opportunity to have a mind-blowing experience!