TCA puts diversity center stage at SXSW!

When the word diversity is used, the meaning is often skewed or only focused on certain aspects like race and religion.  However, diversity is ultimately about recognizing and respecting individual differences, whatever those may be.  Concerning the world of music, there’s a tremendous opportunity to embrace diversity, both with industry executives and listeners. The Color Agent (TCA) knows this and has set out to push diversity to the masses.

TCA is a media and events company that focuses on providing a platform of inclusion in the music industry.  The company’s focus centers around music, but its impact goes much further.  First and foremost, in its mission is a respect for and championing of individuality.

The official company manifesto reads:

              “Music has no limits,

              It is not defined by gender, labels, nor genre,

              Real music exists in the ability to remain authentic,

              These artists base their music on a truth that transcends diversity,

              They are the definition of bold, fresh, unapologetic,

              Instead of changing themselves, they help alter your perspective,

              They allow their vulnerability to help us relate in an intimate way.

              It is important to destroy the box made to keep art contained,

              And stand with those who reflect our uniqueness by highlighting our differences.

              We unite with those who declare…I’m Me on Purpose,

              And support those who use music to make a statement.

              The new is now.”

TCA’s crowning achievement is its involvement with popular music festival South by Southwest (SXSW). SXSW is one of the biggest annual music events in the world and often serves as a powerful showcase of up and coming talent. TCA has been involved with SXSW since 2015. During the first year, the company was featured as a New & Noteworthy company in the official festival magazine SXSWorld.

TCA was recognized for hosting SXSW’s first-ever LGBTQ music showcase. While SXSW had opened its stages for a diverse range of artists in the past, it had never gone full force with a designated showcase for the community.

The official artist showcase happens annually at the Tap Room at the Market in Austin, Texas.  The mission remains to provide a stage for some of the world’s best talent while simultaneously promoting a message of inclusion in mainstream music.

TCA has made a huge impact by focusing on putting talent first. SXSW has offered a major platform to spread a poignant message to those in attendance while also helping deserving artists launch their careers and promote their music.  As time goes on, TCA’s footprint will only continue to grow, impacting the lives of the artists involved and the fans on the other side of the stage.

To RSVP to this year’s event visit: TCASXSW.SPLASHTHAT.COM