March 16, 2019 was a night to remember at SXSW! The TCA, “Discover Something New”, Official SXSW Showcase at Edwin’s Sports Bar in Austin, Tx was nothing short of AMAZING!

Performers from the night included, Ebo, Danni Cassette, Love You Later, Kodie Shane, Mama Duke, Lucy Whittaker, Noah Barlass and Sonic. The turntables were occupied by two local Austin DJ’s by the names of DJ Breezah and DJ Lolo.

These acts from all genres of music, both nationwide and international brought out a crowd which included guest appearances from DJ Wonder of Sway in The Morning, and Angele of Alpha Female Films & A&E (60 DAYS IN).

The Color Agent (TCA) stage is meant to provide a mainstream platform for music from the community for a worldwide audience! The vibe from that night shows that the mission was definitely accomplished.

Be sure to check out the recap below!