Troye Sivan Transforms YouTube Fame Into Music Success

troye sivanTroye Sivan has the type of success that every YouTuber dreams of.  He started out as a wildly popular vlogger whose channel amassed more than 4 million subscribers.  Rather than rest on his laurels, he set his sights on the world of pop.  With his debut album Blue Neighborhood, he crafted a youth manifesto that was equal parts catchy radio fodder and emotional diary entry.

Even before the release of Blue Neighborhood, Sivan seemed destined for success.  He appeared in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine and won a Teen Choice Award for his joint video with fellow YouTube celebrity Tyler Oakley.  TIME magazine even named him one of the most influential teens in the world—before he released his first album.

Sivan’s voice is smoky and airy with a tinge of soul.  There’s a maturity lurking in his vocal cords that makes him seem wiser than his years.  At just 21 years old, the cohesiveness and clear vision of his album is an astonishing accomplishment.  The album resonated so much that it even earned him recognition from America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift.

Evidence that Sivan is breaking through to the mainstream is plentiful.  At last year’s Billboard Music Awards, he performed his single “Youth” during the nationally televised broadcast as “Kia’s One to Watch”.  It was a tremendous spotlight for an emerging artist—one that drove him to rise to the occasion.

Sivan stands out amongst his pop peers for his fearless dedication to self-truth.  As an very open artist, he uses his videos to celebrate his pride and encourage his young fans to do the same.  The clip for “Youth” shows Sivan in a romantic game of cat and mouse.  There’s even a cameo from Amandla Stenberg, also an actress and activist.

Troye Sivan Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy
Troye Sivan Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy

However, Sivan’s groundbreaking career is notable because he’s outlined a new path to music’s summit.  In the age of social media, influence and streaming, he’s found a way to get the music industry’s attention without resorting to the old tricks.  He’s proving that he can find success his way all while staying true to his fans, who were there before the record deal.

In an interview with V Magazine, he looked at his early success in awe.

“The fact that everything is happening the way it is, it sends me into giggles.  Like, the fact that I woke up last week and was like, Oh I just need to quickly fly across the country to do a photo shoot with Mario Testino and then fly back to play a show—I don’t know how else to process it but to laugh.”

As modest as he is, his fame is no laughing matter.  He’s so impactful that V believes he’s ushering in a new generation of young musicians.  And they’re right.  If this early stage of his career is any indication, Troye Sivan is poised to become one of the biggest music stars of our time.

Check out the “Blue Neighbourhood” video here:

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