We have all been dealing with social distancing and quarantining (depending on what state or country you are in) since the arrival of Covid-19. Our journey of disappointment started with the cancellation of SXSW in which we have provided an official stage for the community for the past 5 years.

I can’t lie, when you see something as big as SXSW (which has never been cancelled in 34 years) not happen you start to rethink a lot about what’s to come for entertainment industry as a whole.

You then realize, shit happens! We have always found a way out of no way and we intend to make it out of this better together.

After having countless amounts of conversations about this new world, we were brought to the crazy realization that sustainability is key. Learning how to plant a seed and grow something from nothing is something we can all understand. This situation is no different. The industry is forever changing, and we vow to evolve with the changes.

Hence the new phase of TCA…Grow Together!

Follow us as we continue to provide an outlet for everyone from the community. We will be releasing a lot soon, so we advise you to turn ALL notifications ON for everything TCA!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Meet our new mascot! The TCA pot! Help us come up with a name and let’s continue to grow together!


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