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for music from the community+
The Color Agent (TCA) is a full-service entertainment company focused on music from the Community+ (LGBTQIA+). Through original content, official playlists, and interactive events, TCA highlights talent as the core foundation. We believe that true artistry exists in the ability to remain authentic, and we are providing the platform to unite a global community based on these ideals.


Bren Joy

That’s What You Don’t Know (TWYDK) is a series that highlights artists from the Community+ that you need to know. We showcase raw talent after some pretty unique questioning that helps you discover a bit more from your new favorites! Check out some of our earlier unsigned discoveries that have proved to be the breakout artists of today:

Features: Bren Joy (Warner Music), PineappleCITI (RedBull Records), OMB Bloodbath (10:22PM/LVRN) and more…

Silvana Imam

TCA First Looks highlight the latest projects of select artists from the Community+ creating their own lane in the mainstream. We invite you to experience an all access pass behind the scenes of intimate shows & rare studio sessions. Check out some great conversations in some iconic places!

Features: Silvana Imam (GrönaLund, Sweden) Kodie Shane (House of Blues, Dallas) ​and Kamau Kenyatte (SOBs, New York).

Coming Soon: The Stage Teaser

The Stage is an upcoming short documentary by TCA that breaks down the truth about LGBTQIA+ representation in the entertainment industry and how one official stage at SXSW led to amplifying the voices of artists from the Community+ in a new way while simultaneously forging some unlikely connections from around the world.



Since 2015, The Color Agent (TCA) has had the privilege of forecasting the new wave of mainstream talent from the Community+ by hosting an official showcase at SXSW. Past performances have included up and coming artists such as Jozzy (Columbia Records) , Silvana Imam (Grammis Award Winner), Bre-Z (Drama Series: Empire/All American) and more. TCA discovers artists who are ready to showcase their artistry as an official performer on a career changing platform and has played an important role in increasing representation at the festival annually! 

Featured: SXSWORLD  “New and NoteWorthy”


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